About us

Background Of The Company

Casa Global Sdn. Bhd. (CGSB) was incorporated in August 2004 focusing on a niche market area concentrating on numerical solutions

for the Malaysian market. The partnership has obtained accreditation for providing companies with much-needed solutions in the form of software as well as hardware within a short time frame. CGSB has spread its wings outside Malaysia to Australia, India and Italy. We are continuing to evaluate all projects that catch our attention; locally as well as in the foreign market.

CGSB specializes in integrating and distributing solutions for the corporate and academic industries within Malaysia.We also deliver technical support, training, consulting and project implementations to support our customers’ needs for tomorrow.


To deliver and support services that will help customers define, build and implement effective solutions to meet their business requirements.


It was recognized that without significant change to the methodology people use with new technologies, their promised returns will never be realised. The goal at CGSB is to allow corporations to have solutions to provide better models and as a result make more profitable long-term business decisions.

Organizational Chart