Command Center

Modern emergency centers and public safety organizations need to deal with a variety of incoming information sources, unlike in the past where there were just voice calls. CGSB command center services helps customer to manage incident information efficiently and effectively. It captures event data from security devices such as camera, access control, and alarm system, providing all the facts as they unfold and increasing the chances that all vital evidence is available to review.

CGSB monitoring center has the ability to quickly search, review and organize incident information. The team is able to deliver a comprehensive understanding of what happened. It consolidates information often stored in different silos, allowing for faster detection and better, more informed decision-making.

With CGSB security monitoring services, the client can benefit from the following :

  • 24 x 7 Centralized Monitoring of remote sites.
  • Centralized storage of alarm and events for CCTV and Time Attendance Records.
  • Web enabled solution for CCTV and Time Attendance
  • Client Investment as part of OPAX.
  • Response based on user SOP.
  • Option for integrated monitoring that provides technology scalability
  • Monitoring of staff using biometric hardware and web enabled time attendance software
  • Mitigate risk and liability
  • Promote an environmentally friendly environment reducing paper usage and physical storage costs
  • Invest with confidence that your system can grow as your needs grow