Casa Global Launch CasaTAMS

Unlike a traditional time clock that is linked to a computer needing its own special software or a standalone punch card system, Cloud Enabled Time Attendance System, also known as GreenTams provides a services that is able to securely host the data on a platform that gives businesses, the flexibility to operate their time and attendance.

The benefits of CasaTams Time Attendance Suite include the following highlights.

The ability to access data from anywhere, anytime, any device, any operating systems. Most systems is limited to location of access, compatible devices and system requirement (e.g. windows).

A service that is hosted on a secured location to prevent unauthorized data access and manipulation. Traditional system data are generically stored in databases that is easily accessible and can be manipulated.

A software architecture that can perform data logging and transmit employee location using AGPS/GPS functionality on smartphone. CasaTams server will record the mobile clock-in for reporting and audit. This is especially good for tracking field engineers and sales persons anywhere.

A solution that is designed on an architecture that is affordable to SMI/SME as a subscription. Most solution requires high investment on hardware, software and IT operating cost to fulfill similar functions.