Casa Global Launches Remote Backup Services

This solution provides video backup storage from remote DVR,NVR or IP Camera via ftp video upload to a central platform of disk array servers. Data backups are created through video snapshot copies, which leverage the block-level incremental replication and fast file indexing of video on the RAID array dis to deliver a disk-to-disk backup solution. This solution is compatible with clustered Data ONTAP®, which means it can be deployed to support primary data no matter where it resides on the server infrastructure in clustered environments.

Storing extremely large volumes of information on a local area network (LAN) is expensive. High capacity electronic data storage devices like file servers, Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) provide high performance, high availability data storage accessible via industry standard interfaces. However, electronic data storage devices have many drawbacks, including that they are costly to purchase, have limited lifetimes, require backup and recovery systems, have a physical presence requiring specific environmental conditions, require personnel to manage and consume considerable amounts of energy for both power and cooling. Casa Video Cloud data storage provide cheap, virtually unlimited electronic data storage in remotely hosted facilities.

Economies of scale enable providers to supply data storage cheaper than the equivalent electronic data storage devices. Cloud data storage has many advantages. It’s cheap, doesn’t require installation, doesn’t need replacing, has backup and recovery systems, has no physical presence, requires no environmental conditions, requires no personnel and doesn’t require energy for power or cooling. Cloud data storage however has several major drawbacks, including performance, availability, incompatible interfaces and lack of standards