Electric Fencing

Security with Electric Fencing System

Electric Fence is a security protection system that is usually installed along the property boundary of homes or businesses or agriculture farms. The property boundary (fence, wall) is the outmost defence against unauthorized access into the property. An electric fence security system primarily consists of bare wire fence structure and an energizer as the essential component. Casa Global uses the latest technology in the market, to provide a variety of packages that will fit your budget. That makes your security system more reliable andefficient! A full security solution...view products


Electric fences are designed to create an electrical circuit when touched by a person or animal. A component called a power energizer converts power into a brief high voltage pulse. One terminal of the power energizer releases an electrical pulse along a connected bare wire about once per second. Another terminal is connected to a metal rod implanted in the earth, called a ground or earth rod.

A person or animal touching both the wire and the earth during a pulse will complete an electrical circuit and will conduct the pulse, causing an electric shock. The effects of the shock depend upon the voltage, the energy of the pulse, the degree of contact between the recipient and the fence and ground and the route of the current through the body; it can range from barely noticeable to uncomfortable, painful or even lethal.

Advantages and Features

Dependable - Monitors and protects for 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Maintains full operation using built in backup battery, when mains power cut or power failure.

Detect - Provide a higher level of detection capability that detects intrusion attempts. Once detected, the energizer starts the alarm siren and sends alert SMS to residents, owners, security personnel and Security Company monitoring the site.

Delay - Provides a physical barrier that delay the intrusion time, thus giving more time to respond to the alarm/alert SMS.

Deter - Delivers a painful electric shock to anyone who touches the fence, hence acts as a psychological barrier to deter intrusion attempts

Easy installation on existing wall or fence, or as a stand-alone perimeter fence. The electric wires can also serve as a perimeter fence, avoiding the need to erect another conventional fence.

Easy to operate and low maintenance costs.

Reduced cost of security personnel on larger properties.


Whether it is a agriculture, farm, building, etc… Electric Fencing System is being widely used in the world.

Today, even residential areas are adopting this system. The main reason is not to adapt to the current trend, but as an added security to enter your premises.

At Casa Global Sdn. Bhd., with our top quality e-fencing system, you need not worry about your boundary anymore, as you will know who has access to your premises and for those who don’t, you can restrict them through this system...view products