GPS for Child Protection


Children’s missing is heard and seen very often these days. Recent survey(s) says that this could be for various factors like

  • Children run away from home because of parents negligence and go missing
  • Few are kidnapped while picking up from/ dropping at school.
  • Few are easily influenced by strangers with their sweet talk. They are easily convinced to leave home without realizing the consequences.
  • There are incidents where many parents are in a hurry to get to work, school and wherever their daily routines take them, leaving their children back in the car and forget. This may lead to children getting into kidnappers’ hands.

In view of all the above factors, well-structured prevention and intervention programs are proposed in order to protect and prevent children from missing for any of the reasons, but ‘missing child’ posters/articles cannot be eradicated.
Technology has fundamentally changed how we search for missing kids. Several methods are in implementation across the countries. One among them is GPS tracking along with RFID technology.


As vehicles are tracked based on their location using GPS, in the same way a child can be tracked using simplified GPS technology, especially when children going out to school or to play.

GPS Card Phone:
It's time for parents to stop worrying about their children’s safety. The location of the child now can be easily tracked all the time from anywhere. It is basically a card or phone or device which uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identity) technology with GPS enabled. It is very light in weight and children carry easily.

The track report of the child is recorded on the card which can be accessed using a mobile application and is quite easy.

Work Flow


Below are the features of GPS Card

  • Geo-fence notifications
  • In/Out school report
  • SOS alarm
  • Speed dial
  • GPS tracking
  • Long/ short distance management using RFID
  • Mobile App for iOS, Android, Windows


  • enables child safety
  • reduces child missing cases
  • easy monitoring
  • reliable
  • affordable

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