Security System

Integrated Security System Solution Provider

Alarm System

CG Alarm, unlike other companies, does not work with out-dated alarm systems you’ve seen before. Instead, we use the latest technology in the market, to provide a variety of packages that will fit your budget. That makes your alarm more flexible and customizable! A full security solution...view products

CCTV Solutions

People today often take their security for granted. Locking doors, closing blinds and assuming everything will be safe. Unfortunately, as crime rates soar, extra security is becoming a necessity. Many are looking into CCTV solutions to keep their families/offices safe. By synergizing CG Alarm’s security system and CCTV solution together, you are ensured that your premises are always on guard and monitored at all times.

By using your smartphone devices today, you can now view real-time video of your home or business from one or more of your cameras. You can watch each angle one at a time, or take advantage of the Multi Camera View to see all camera views on a single screen...view products

Video Intercom Solutions

Video intercom systems work for every single family home, office or apartment and residential communities today. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and top of the line products at an affordable price.

With CG video intercom systems, you never have to wonder who is at your front door again. Not only does it give your office, or you and your family, peace of mind and extra security, you can also use our products as an in-home intercom system to communicate from room to room with our state of the art monitors. Unlike other companies, we offer a variety of styles and models for you to choose from, allowing you to have a variety of models to play around with...view products

Door Access Control System

Whether it is a corporate building, office etc… Door Access Control System has been widely used in the world.

Today, even residential areas are adopting this system. The main reason is not to adapt to the current trend, but as an added security to enter your premises. This eradicates the worrying of copied or lost door keys as you will need a password in order for you to enter your doorstep.

At Casa Global Sdn. Bhd., with our top quality door access control & intercom system, you need not worry about your entrance anymore, as you will know who has access to your premises and for those who don’t, you can view them through the intercom system...view products