Office Systems VD-950

Never miss a thing: Choose from 3 monitors.

All monitors are equipped with internal picture memory capabilities. Every time a visitor rings your door bell the monitors will automatically store a picture allowing you to review all daily guests. You may choose from two options: 1 picture taken or 3 consecutive back to back pictures (2 GB Micro SD Card optional for additional storage)

All monitors are equipped with a touch screen menu for easy operation.
The P10, 10" also comes with built in buttons allowing you to choose which function works best for you. The P7 monitors come in a choice of two colors- black or white to match any home décor. And the P10 comes in stainless .


  • The A4 Handset is available if you still want to be able to hear and answer a call in a location where you do not need video. You can also open the door or gate with the A4 Handset.

  • Call Forward Function: The call forward function allows you to receive a call from the door station directly to your mobile phone, permitting you to communicate with the guest and let them in from any remote location through your mobile cell phone. This state of the art feature is convenient and functional for someone who travels a lot.

  • Intercom Function: If you have more than 1 monitor installed you can call and communicate with each other in separate rooms using the monitor intercom function. You can assign a unit ID to each monitor so that you may call (intercom) a specific room/monitor or you may choose the broadcast option and communicate to all rooms/monitors simultaneously.

  • The VD-950 comes with a choice of 6 door stations: A, B, C, E, F, G and H. All of which come equipped with a high resolution Sony CCD camera with a wide angle view lens.
  • Night vision: When someone rings your door bell at night the LED lights on the door station will automatically light up allowing you to have a clear view of your guest

  • 2 Wire System: Convenient when replacing an existing audio intercom system with a video intercom system. Simply daisy chain the monitors throughout the house. We recommend 2 X 14 gauge wire or CAT 5 stranded, not shielded (speaker wire.)

  • Expandable to 4 door stations and 16 monitors. In addition, you can add 6 CCTV cameras that can be observed from all monitors.

  • The monitors can be operated with an infrared remote controller. Simply answer the call and open the door from any location of your home without having to get up and touch the monitor.

  • Choose a door bell ringtone: each monitor comes with a choice of 12 different ring tones.

  • Customize the setting of each monitor separately, such as volume, brightness etc. You can choose from a day time ring tone (high volume) and a night time ring tone (lower volume)

  • Warranty: The VD-950 Video Intercom System comes with a 24 month international warranty.