Apartment RK Series

The RK video intercom apartment system can accommodate up to 32 apartments and is the perfect addition for any small or medium sized apartment building. The easy to install RK system not only increases the value of your property it is visually appealing and is extremely appreciated by all tenants.

2 Wire Apartment System: Convenient when replacing an existing audio intercom system with a video intercom system, it also allows you to use the existing wiring of an audio system which significantly reduces installation cost.

This simple to wire system allows you to choose from a series connection (daisy chain) or parallel connection making wiring set up easy and convenient. We recommend 2 X 14 gauge wire, stranded, not shielded (speaker wire). You can also use CAT5.

Lock Compatibility:The RK Apartment system is completely compatible with other brands door strikes,magnetic lock,and electric door openers.


RK Apartment System Key Features:

  • Never miss a thing: Choose from 2 video monitors and an Audio handset. All monitors are equipped with internal picture memory capabilities. Every time a visitor rings your door bell the monitors will automatically store a picture allowing you to review all daily guests. You may choose from two options: 1 picture taken or 3 consecutive back to back pictures (2 GB Micro SD Card optional for additional storage)
  • All monitors are equipped with a touch screen menu for easy operation. The P10- 10" comes with built in buttons allowing you to choose which function works best for you. The A4 Handset is convenient for locations where video is not needed and you can answer and open the door or gate from the handset.
  • Our new sleek and modern monitor design gives us a unique edge above the rest, with a variety of sizes, models, and colors to choose from (black or white or stainless with the P10) to match any home décor. The monitors also come with our state of the art picture memory feature which automatically takes a picture every time a guest rings the doorbell. The picture is time stamped with a date and time and automatically recycles itself when the memory is full. All monitors come standard with a wall mount bracket. The P10 can also be installed recessed.
  • Warranty: The RK Apartment Video Intercom System comes with a standard 12 month warranty.